Individual flying machine

I was more often used to get late to school and then to college. Many times when I wait for the bus, used to imagine if I have a  flying machine I could fly away  in no time and not too be late to the class in front of all my friends.

This is a thought I keep getting, why we don’t have flying machine yet.
I think we will get it soon. It would be a revolutionary and when it happens, our lives would be changed in many ways.

One need not try to have a house near to the school, college or company. We will not have to move to Chennai or Mumbai in India when we get a job there if you can get a flying machine with which you can reach home in no time. It would change our lives. You can have your house anywhere and go anywhere and come in no time.
I think like smartphone revolution now like as it’s changed our lives, it’s being available to everyone, the next revolution would be we all flying in sky to buy groceries, to go school, college and office. 

I don’t know whether it will happen soon in my lifetime or will be happening late. I think plane/ car manufacturers should concentrate on developing this so that it would be available so soon.

Since we have flights and helicopters now, making a smaller version of them would not be a big difficult thing. Eventually it could be made affordable to everyone like we have cars now. Fueling to such flying machine could also be a challenge.

Once we get flying machines individually, the roads and bridges we construct today would become useless and dusty. As they show in Back to the Future 2, there would be set of traffic rules to guide flying in sky. There could be layers in sky to fly in different directions.The way we have the homes would also change. The balconies in the house could be used for landing into ones house. Imagine many people flying in and out of big apartments from their respective flat’s balconies. People could fly over the sea and forests. Transportation would be made easiest that anyone can go to a hill top or some corner in some island and spend some days there.

There are already many forms personal flying happening like skydiving and researchers. In this video we can personal flying is a happening thing. There are many videos on personal flying machine researches which you could have a look. From them we could understand that challenges in performing launching and landing with the machines. For landing mostly parachute is used.  In this demo on 2011, the launch of flying happens from helicopter like skydiving. There are many advanced developments on drones happening. Amazon Prime Air which is about delivering orders in Amazon thru drone to our door step in under development. In near future, drones many be developed into a household devices for delivering/transporting things quickly and controlled/monitored thru mobile phones.

The disadvantage of personal flying could be that birds and animals could be affected. We the human would capture their leftover space also. People would start flying to capture the birds. Like we have cows or dogs crossing road now, we would look for birds whether they come on the way. By the time I wish governments should get some strict rules to not to let birds and forests disturbed.

Individual Flying Machine could be the next revolutionary change in the human life and to the world !!  :~)

 In the meantime, if you have any suggestions that would make this topic more interesting, or you would like to ask something, feel free to leave a comment or a question in the comment section below.

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