Ancient times might had future technologies


In this blog I want to discuss something that is lingering in my mind for past months.

I have given some science quiz questions followed by answers below.

Who is the first person to notice microorganisms?

There is no exact answer to this question. It could be Antoine van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1723), father of micro biology who used microscopes (designed by him to see threads produced in his shop) to see microorganisms in pond water.

When did human started agriculture?

According to this post about a finding in 2015, it was about 23,000 years ago. The finding was from an ancient site discovered in 1989.

When human did started speaking?

Unknown. As per my searches in Internet, there is no definite answer to this question. This topic was elaborately discussed in this wikipedia page. I personally could agree with the “mother tongue” theory for how human might stated speaking.

Similarly, we can keep raising questions related to human evolution for which there is no answer or no definite answer.

When is the first time human started making and using tools?

When human started wearing dress?

When the apes started building houses for itself rather than living in trees?

When the apes started to control and handle other animals like dogs for hunting or cows for milk?

When human started sailing and swimming?

I have these questions because when you get answer for even one of these questions, you can say, that is the period of time when human have reached degree of intelligence very much higher than any animal that exists.

The answer for all these questions is obviously the time after when modern human have evolved who can walk on legs, observed his surrounding, observed that he/she doesn’t equipped with any natural abilities or tools and yet have to save themselves from other animals with the advantages and started using the things around as tools.

I guess that we don’t have answers for these questions because we always start embracing new things/tools or techniques and use of old things diminish to the level that the next generation does not aware of it. The agriculture would have been prominent way for living in some 50 years before (as of I know) all around the world but it is now not so far, so many people in different countries. A father does not want his son to perform the same job he did, he wants him to be in a better job than his.

As I could see (for my life time of 27 years), a person of each generation goes thru different changes in the surroundings and technologies. I remember the main road in our town was predominantly occupied by cycles when I was a child. Riding cycle and having a black & white TV to see could be the best thing that every child wishes when I was children. Now, our main road is battle ground for cars and bikes, I could very rarely see cycles in my whole town. We see flat TVs everywhere. Mobiles, smart phones and internet did not exist when I was born in 1989. So in my lifetime, for my generation we could see many changes happening in terms of new technologies, climate change, human population increase and ultimate changes in lifestyle because of technologies.

The oldest fossil evidence for existence of life (bacterial colonies from rocks in Greenland) on earth was identified to be 3.7 billion years old. Similarly oldest fossil evidence for animal life is identified to be primitive sponge-like creatures lived in ocean reefs about 650 million years ago in Australia. Oldest human fossil remains were found in lands of Ethiopia which dates back to 2.8 million years ago.

My point is, even if 20% of change we saw in our lifetime of 27 years has happened in the human lives of all ancient times; we would have had many new inventions and technologies. I personally feel that some inventions like discovery of micro-organisms (around year 1675 as stated in this blog above) and invention of electricity (around 200 years ago) which revolutionized everything what we have today, should have happened before this time period, as human exists for around 2.8 million years. Many inventions what we use in our day-to-day life seems to be evolved in last 3 centuries only.

On the other side, we have all ancient discoveries listed here  with timelines from stone tools to latest technologies. Human might have spent lot of thousands of years to fight other animals to win over the world. We have Aristotle (384–322 BC) who involved in many earlier discoveries.

Still my observation is that the human always have orientation to follow or try the new techniques, forget the old techniques and miss to teach their job to their children. Technologies may get lost over years due to some disasters or by its nature of evolution over generations. We could have had the cycle of old technology been forgotten due to some reason and discovered again after some centuries, obviously to the existing generation the discoverer would be the current discoverer of the technology. For e.g. paper could have produced thousands of years before Chinese were producing it and we might had electronic devices being used some many thousands of years ago. The ancient technologies might have lost due to the many different chances like in lands which were submerged in the seas.

My main idea is that human live in the world for more than million years ago and things we use now are the technologies which evolved from only around 300 years. We may have some definite idea on history of last two millenniums, but not so much about life before that. It may happen like a cycle of time when a discovery had lost its purpose and again it’s been re-discovered again due to some need. There are more chances for old technologies being re-discovered again and again after some period. The ancient times might have technologies we may invent in the future.


In the meantime, if you have any suggestions that would make this topic more interesting, or you would like to ask something, feel free to leave a comment or a question in the comment section below.

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