Technologies that could be popularized before end of this 21st century

With my interest in science and technology, I tried to list down the technologies that would be fully developed, improved and become part of human lives before end of this century.

Flexible Displays

I imagine flexible displays in the form of gloves over the hand palm and a scrollable room screen.

I have given elaborate details on the design and application of these prototypes of flexible displays in my another blog.

Pipe Connected Houses for Automatic Goods Delivery

This is something that would be more interesting. Like tele-communication thru mobile phones and internet, we are in need for transfer of goods with such ease. There could be a screen fixed in the room hall, when ordering things from the screen, the product reaches the outlet below the screen. The houses in an area could be connected to the super market thru pipes which could transport or move selected products from the store to the outlet in the house. This system would have more scope to expand it to connect all flats in the cities and eventually the countries. Like data transfer in mobile communication, there could be automatic physical objects communication which performs all kinds of deliver to a house such as letter, kitchen requirements and every online order.

Zero Accidents – Accident Prevention System

As driverless vehicles in are already started happening, we could expect that these cars are developed with more focus on automatic accident prevention. A car which would not at all collide on anything by crash prevention system is feasible and could be applied to all vehicles over time. There could be time with zero accident in vehicles and all machines. The accident in machines could be turned to rare scenario when we keep updating and fine tuning them.

Artificial photosynthesis machines

Cities may seek for artificial trees in compact structures as human population; building count and pollution keep rising and, have a little space for trees. There are developments in this area. A system which is able to convert CO2 to Oxygen with energy from sun and water would be useful in cities with fewer trees.

Ocean water processing

Like oxygen, as human population keep rising, there is and would be high demand for potable water. There are already 18,426 desalination plants operated worldwide. We would be looking for a water bottle which converts saline, polluted water  into to drinking water.

Automatic Cooking Machine

The cooking could be automated with robotic system. There are developments in this area. When a company starts investing more on this then it could eventually happen.

The information on ingredients required, amount of them, time to pour the ingredients and kindling required for a dish could be fed to a cooking machine. We already started living in era of everyone in family is working and has a little for cooking. A device which reminds us about “what to cook for dinner before you reach home?” and takes order, gets ingredients from the automatic delivery thru pipe connection transportation existing along with the system, cooks and keeps food ready when you reach home, is a technology that many people would welcome. As population in cities keep increasing, this system could operate a hotel which could feed thousands of people with low-cost food.

Individual (anti-gravity) flying machine

Hover board shown in Back to the future movie

This is my personal favorite. There are many developments going on in drones and individual flying machine. We would be in strong requirement of an individual flying as flying in sky would take less time and flexible route than road-way travel. People who have to travel for hours daily would wholeheartedly welcome such sophisticated technology would could reduce the travel to some minutes.

People always dreamt of flying. We are very near to be able to fly alone with all the developments in aviation and space industries.

Auto Language Translator

Imagine a mask in the mouth of the speaker or ear-cover of the receiving person automatically translating what they speak or hear to the language of the receiving person. This could be something interesting and woven with high-end technologies. One side of the translator sheet receives the sound and analyze it. The other side with embedded nano speakers produce sound in same voice but in different language. This could be advanced form of google-translator we have now for language translation.

Other (vague) ideas:

New source for energy

Human always changed his tools from time to time. There could be a possible replacement to electricity. We may be able to operate communication, internet and devices similar to electric devices with some other form of energy. The developments and researches in fields such as controlled nuclear fission reaction could be day-to-day energy replacement.

Buildings constructed with some new technology

The buildings are constructed with stones and cement. We may find building constructed quickly with molds and stone-like plastics without cement.

Living over sea

As population keeps rising for this century, we may look to occupy sea or an ocean which occupies 75% of the earth. With flying machine one could reach his/her house over sea after the work in the land area. With a box which converts saline water to potable, a robot which does automatic fishing and a system in place in-house to provide warnings on sharks and calamities in sea, a floating house over sea may be livable if land area becomes less so.

Easy Transportation to Moon

As we are sending rockets to space for many decades now and have developments on international space station, we could think of improvements on this fields which could draw people from earth to moon.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions that would make this topic more interesting, or you would like to ask something, feel free to leave a comment or a question in the comment section below.


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