Links to Every News and articles on Drones

As given in many of my blogs, I believe drones could be a technology for future. It could be used in our daily life as we use smart phones today. For drone enthusiasts like me, I want to update links for all day to day news and articles based on drones in this blog, to see how drone technology keeps spreading.

The news and articles are classified based on their description of application for drones. I would like to make sure that this blog is keep updated daily or at least for every week. Hope this blog links you to required info you look for!!

Best models currently available in market:

21Feb2017: Article: The Best Drones of 2017 : This article discusses on best drones available in market. Discusses specification and price ranges.

2017: Article: 3 Classes of RC drones. What Can I do with a drone? : This page includes good video which shows usage of drones that already exists in current market.


Innovative applications:

14Mar2017: News:  UK company develops edible drones to feed hungry.

20Dec2016: News: Zipline Raises $25 Million to Expand Drone Delivery of Medical Supplies into Rwanda

30Jun2017: News: Great gig in the sky! Facebook’s Internet drone Aquila successfully completes full-scale test flight

Read more at:


Advanced drones:

27Jun2016: Airobotics Unveils Completely Automated Drone Platform 


Infrastructure development for drones:

2017: The Air Zone for Drones: This article covers elaborately current researches and developments on infrastructure for drones and companies working on it. It discusses Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Management and solutions proposed by Amazon and other companies.


General Applications and news:

22Dec2017: News: China’s drone market to be worth $9 billion by 2020: Industry ministry

02May2017: News: Use drones to monitor infrastructure projects: PM Narendra Modi

13Mar2017: Article: These Ten Delivery Drones Are Coming To Your House: This articles which elaborates each current date developments with photos of prototypes of different companies.

21Feb2017: News: UPS Tests Residential Delivery via Drone Launched From atop Package Car

16Feb2017: News: This MegaDrone Will Be a Self-Flying Air Taxi in Dubai This Summer

Around beginning of 2017: Article: Delivery Drones: The Future of Delivery Business?

14Dec2016: News: Amazon makes its first delivery by drone to a customer

06Sep2016: News: Drone special delivery

27Aug2016: News: Pizza delivery by drone

6Jan2016: Article: Will Anybody Buy a Drone Large Enough to Carry a Person?

05Dec2013: News: Google Is Also Testing Same-Day Delivery Drones

29Jul2012: Article: Drone Delivery Service


Military, war and spying:

14Mar2017: News: New Stealthy Drones ‘Set to Increase China’s Combat Capabilities in the Pacific’

14Mar2017:  News: US to deploy missile-capable drones across border from North Korea

25Jan17: Article: Beginner’s Guide to Drones

13Mar2017: News: US retires Predator drones after 15 years that changed the ‘war on terror’


Governments / U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restrictions:

05Nov2: Article: The Future of Drones: Uncertain, Promising and Pretty Awesome

This elaborate article covers all current advancements in drones such as Amazon air, Facebook’s drone project, Google’s project wing and other companies working on drone projects. This includes details on restriction by FAA in US.


Drone sports:

13Mar2017: Article: How to make six figures racing drones

This news article discusses about drone racing event that happens yearly and it’s being picking up with masses.


Websites dedicated to drones:

These are the websites (you would say best, when you browse them) which are dedicated only for drones. They have multiple precious details in form of articles and videos. The websites are entered in no particular order.

My Drone Lab

Air Drone Craze

Drones our future of skies

Drone buzz

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions that would make this topic more interesting, or you would like to ask something, feel free to leave a comment or a question in the comment section below.



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