A Drone per building

I’m listing down all existing articles and day-to-day news on drones and their innovative applications here. In this blog I want to discuss about the concept of how a drone could be used to serve families/people living in a building. Instead of a drone to be used per person or family, a drone could begin popularized by serving group of families. There could be multiple applications for drones to serve the people who live or work in the high rise buildings in cities.

The people in high rise buildings may find it difficult to reach ground floor for every commodities or essentials. When there is a power failure, the delivery of water or essentials could suffer as service persons could be hesitant to walk thru steps of many floors to reach your door step. Imagine a midnight or power failure when the water or LPG or medicine or milk that was an immediate need and that could reach you only by morning or after the power issue resolved.

There are researches and demos on using drones for automatic delivery. Amazon and many other companies/startups are into development of such system. A drone system employed per apartment or high rise building could serve the people during power failures and late nights.

Automated Transport of essentials by 24/7

The human-free delivery has the advantage of functioning 24/7. When a person is in need of water or food items or medical items by midnight, he could not order it wait for service person to come and deliver by the morning. The automated delivery could be more beneficial to anybody or family which lives anywhere whether in independent house or in apartment flats. As the cities function over night with people travelling in nights and working in late night shifts, there is a need for delivery of essentials overnight. People may find it difficult to step out of house in mid nights for any essentials.

Drones could be used in automatic delivery of goods. Imagine when a person orders some items from his/her mobile app and the drone which serves the area loads itself the item from the automatic delivery machine and flies to your balcony or door to deliver the item. Such system could deliver items in some minutes (based on its request queue) and it could function all over the nights.

Automated transport of heavy goods and people

A drone which is heavy in size as of drone taxi which is proposed for launch of Dubai could be employed per 3-5 square km in every area of a city. The drone taxi could deliver heavy items like LPG cylinder and transport of old age or patients from the flat of high rise building to the ground or to a hospital within the area.

There are strict laws being in act in most of the countries to stop the usage of drones. If such laws could be modified to only limit the area of movement of drone to a certain building, apartment area or within a kilo meter range of area, then drones could serve the people 24/7 automatically based on their request from mobile apps.

The drone employed per building or area could help the delivery of items and people in seamless manner.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions that would make this topic more interesting, or you would like to ask something, feel free to leave a comment or a question in the comment section below.


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