Why should everyone learn cooking?

Here I want to add quick points on benefits you may get if learn cooking. 

Let’s you know the actual price of what you eat in hotel:

Eating in hotel or restaurant could include  price for the rent of hotel building, salary for the employees who service you, and plus the profit the hotel owner is looking for, etc. 

When you start cooking, you will come to know the actual price of the food you eat in the hotel.

The cost the the food or snacks you eat in the hotel includes rent, EB bill, servants and cook’s salary and also the profit to the owner. When you cook in your house that means the cost of the food is the actual cost and save larger percentage of money. When you plan to reduce your cost of living while planning for future, the first could be reduction in eating out.

Helps as physical exercise and in mental well-being:

If you are a person who sits infront of some stem or machines while day in the name of job, cooking gives you chances to stand, bend, work on physical things and ingredients. It lets you wash your vessels and plates, kindle your dishes which gives you some movement to your hands and body. The hand which keep holding pc mouse or smartphone, or the eyes which keeps seeing the PC monitor or smartphone screen is put to use of some other movements, which is eventually going to do good to your health.

The cooking gives you mental goodness by let you think and decide. You would need to be deciding on amount of salt or every ingredients. You would need to be known of when to Kindle and what to include when and fire level. The better food is cooked with better knowledge and practice.

Know about ingredients:

Let you help someone who always cooks for you

Use wastes for gardening

 If you have garden/terrace garden than cooking in your house is going to help the plants to get better natural  manure. You can pour the waste water where vegetables, cereals (rice, wheat, etc) or pulses washed to your plants. You can use the useless or wasted vegetables as manure. You can bury the waste parts or spoiled vegetables out greens in your land or pot, that would become manure and obviously let your plant to grow comparatively very well.


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